HTML formatting of keys

Paul Beuk paul.beuk at MITOX.ORG
Wed Jul 21 13:11:14 CDT 2004

Hello Ron, the risk of being black-listed because of the off-topic discussion...

The Mac vs PC dispute will continue forever, but software development will
partly overtake the dispute. See my other reply on the Java-version of

As to you little jibe 'Soooo, finally I can say, "you should just get a
Windows PC".  8>)' and can tell you: I got it, even better, I have two!  As
user of both platforms I can participate in the dispute for both sides. I
can see advantages and disadvantages of both platforms and can get
frustrated about software being available for one platform and not the other
(goes both ways!). But on a completely diffrent track I have to consider
that not everyone is using PC's. I privately work on one, even use my own
laptop at the office, but our official office network is composed entirely
of Macs. It is a legacy of being allied with the university faculty (which
had a complete Mac network and is migrating to PC's just now) and becoming
independent later on. We do not have the funds to replace all our Mac's with
PC's. If I am in such a company, then there are bound to be more.

Like I said in my other reply, 'one of my objections goes down the drain' if
cross-platform applications become available. Just as I don't like webpages
developed for one browser only, I have objections against pages which can
only be viewed on one platform, simply because it requires plug-ins or
applications for that particular platform.


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> First reason I can think of not using either of these programs is that
> are PC (Windows) only, and I would like to have any keys available for
> Macintosh users as well.
> ***************
> This is not directed at Paul at all.  When I read this I thought of how
> sarcastic emails I have gotten over the years from Mac users about how if
> wanted to avoid viruses and other problems I "should get a Mac".   Soooo,
> finally I can say, "you should just get a Windows PC".  8 >)  Sorry, but
> these opportunities don't come very often.
> Ron Gatrelle.

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