browser-based key

David Remsen dremsen at MBL.EDU
Wed Jul 21 08:40:35 CDT 2004

We have been developing a browser-based key system for the past couple
of years that runs pretty nicely.
It utilizes the Lucid Interchange Format, is written in PHP, and has
been tested on Mac, PC, and Unix machines.
It's completely customizable using style sheets and integrates keys
nicely with existing web sites.  It consists of an editor to make keys
and a browser to display them.  And it's free!

This year we have tested it in standalone mode (for using offline) on
Mac OSX, Windows, and Unix with most of the major browser.  There is a
version that is compliant with the TDWG SDD (ongoing) that is also
available to try. Sample keys are included and we will try to help
anyone who is interested in using it.

David Remsen
uBio Project Developer
Marine Biological Laboratory
Woods Hole, MA 02543

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