HTML formatting of keys

Robert Mesibov mesibov at SOUTHCOM.COM.AU
Fri Jul 23 15:28:47 CDT 2004

I wrote the couplet/triplet id keys on my website in old-fashioned HTML 4.01
and was happy with them, except for one small detail. When you click on a
link to a target on the same page or another page, the browser jumps to the
target without visually identifying the couplet.

Step 4b, for example, might say 'go to 13', where '13' is a hyperlink. You
click on the '13' and get moved to that part of the page where step 13 lies,
but you now have to search that page section for couplet 13. I wondered
whether it would be possible for the browser to temporarily (a few seconds)
highlight couplet 13, say by turning the text from black to red, when it
jumps to the target.

I posted my musing to a client-side scripting forum and received back a very
simple Java script which does exactly this job. If anyone would like this
script, please email me off-list.
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