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                      [TAXACOM] HTML formatting of keys            7/23/04
The ETI Bio-Informatics Center released a powerful update (version 2.5) of its Linnaeus II content management system for taxonomic and biodiversity information. As you may know, Linnaeus II supports the creation of taxonomic databases, the building of computer aided identification keys (digi/polytomous, image-based, matrix-based), the plotting of distribution data on interactive geographic maps, and the compilation of supporting literature and glossary databases in a single hyperlinked environment. The new 2.5 version of the software runs under Windows XP (and earlier) and Macintosh OS X (and earlier) and is designed to support the creation of 'SpeciesBanks' in the sense defined by the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF: see 
The Linnaeus II software now consists of three modules: - the Linnaeus II 'builder' version 2.5. This allows the user to create taxonomic information/identification systems on his/her own computer,
- the Linnaeus II 'runtime' version 2.5. This is used to publish completed Linnaeus II systems in the form of ‘e-monographs’ on CD-ROM/DVD-ROM. - the Linnaeus II 'web publisher' version 1.0. This is a new module in the family of Linnaeus II tools, and supports the publication and use of Linnaeus II information systems on the Internet. Currently a beta version is in use at several sites, this module will be available at the end of 2004. 
The Linnaeus II 'builder' software is available free of costs to scientists in universities and research institutions, and can be downloaded from ETI’s website. The only requirement to obtain the software is to register as an ETI Partner, which entails that one intends to contribute to creating digital taxonomic information systems. The user license allows the licensee to work with the Linnaeus II software for personal use. 
ETI offers its partners a (free) e-publication programme for completed electronic monographs built in Linnaeus II format. These titles are published as part of the World Biodiversity Database CD-ROM Series. A list of published Linnaeus II e-monographs can be found on our website: ( and can be purchased at: ( Linnaeus II e-monographs are made available against the nominal costs of production; no profit margin is included. Authors retain ownership of their data they, are entitled to (re)publish their data in any form at any time, and receive royalties.
The license to mass produce CD-ROMs using the Linnaeus II run-time version is also available to third parties. Please contact ETI for details. 
Relevant to the discussion on web-based identification  keys is the exciting new development of the Linnaeus II Web Publishing tool, which supports the full functionality of the Linnaeus II runtime software in a web environment. Resulting websites can be customized with features such as knowledge tests (quizzes) and a thumbnail index. The 'biodiversity information system' on the website of the Netherlands GBIF Node: ( was built using the beta version of the Linnaeus II WP tool. This new web publisher tool was developed to meets the requirements of a growing number of taxonomists and allows the user to 'publish' their taxonomic information system directly on the Internet themselves. User licenses to run the Linnaeus II Web Publishing software on local server(s) for will be available by the end of 2004. Please contact ETI for details. 
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