Publishing on human origins

Ken Kinman kinman2 at YAHOO.COM
Tue Jun 1 22:05:33 CDT 2004

Hi John,
      Well, I'll just reiterate my previous suggestion (a middle ground approach)-----investigate the morphology of genes.  Whether it is the broad structure of the chromosomal arrangements or smaller genetic groupings (on the scale of SINES, etc.).   It seems fruitless to continue arguing from opposites ends of the spectrum (broad morphology vs. the minutiae of single base changes).

      I'm sure you could get your present paper in some journal less prestigious, but if you really want to reach a broad audience, you MUST include some supportive genetic support of some kind (or expect to face continued rejection).  Admittedly it's a double standard that papers on genetic information alone can get published (without morphological support), but that seems to be the present reality, like it or not.  So best to find someone with expertise on the genetics of orangutans that shares your skepticism, and then maybe you can then move forward.  That's still my best advice.
               Good luck,
                          Ken Kinman

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