A question about species authors

John Landolt jlandolt at SHEPHERD.EDU
Fri Jun 4 14:02:54 CDT 2004

Dear Colleagues,

In determining the names of persons who may be included as authors of
proposed new species,  is it ever permissible to include the name of
a person who was instrumental in providing financial, logistical
support and editorial assistance in the discovery, collection and
manuscript preparation associated with a proposed new taxon, even if
this particular person is not a recognized taxonomist for the
particular group of organisms in question (other authors listed as
authors are so recognized).

In a particular case I have in mind,  the first author of such
proposed new species IS a recognized authority for the group and
wishes to include in authorship of proposed new species, another
person like that described above in the first paragraph.

Is there a particular section of the ICBN that speaks to this point?

Thanks in advance for any information that may be provided.



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