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At 01:02 PM 6/4/04, you wrote:
>In determining the names of persons who may be included as authors of
>proposed new species,  is it ever permissible to include the name of
>a person who was instrumental in providing financial, logistical
>support and editorial assistance in the discovery, collection and
>manuscript preparation associated with a proposed new taxon, even if
>this particular person is not a recognized taxonomist for the
>particular group of organisms in question (other authors listed as
>authors are so recognized).
>In a particular case I have in mind,  the first author of such
>proposed new species IS a recognized authority for the group and
>wishes to include in authorship of proposed new species, another
>person like that described above in the first paragraph.
>Is there a particular section of the ICBN that speaks to this point?

The author is the person(s) to whom the name and its validating
description/diagnosis are *ascribed* (Art 46.2).  If the protologue states
that "Dewey, Cheatham & Howe" are the authors of this name, and they accept
responsibility for it and its validating description/diagnosis, who is to
say otherwise?

As to ethics / morals / propriety, I would say that if this person actually
played a role or took a hand in bringing this species to light and
describing it, and didn't just write a big check, it's OK by me.

FWIW, it might be more appropriate to name the thing after him or her.

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