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Two other quite influential ones that could be mentioned in the
context of whether (or how)
a priori polarization of characters is required are:

Maddison, W. P., M. J. Donoghue and D. R. Maddison. 1984.  Outgroup
analysis and parsimony.
Syst. Zool. 33: 83-103.

Meacham, C. A.  1984.  The role of hypthesized direction of
characters in the estimation of evolutionary history.  Taxon 33:

These two discuss methods more like the way modern parsimony programs
work, especially with multiple outgroups.

                                                Cheers, Jim

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>Back in 1997, a member of Taxacom posted a list of 17 references
>for outgroup analysis:
>     http://biodiversity.uno.edu/~gophtax/_gophtax.97/1133.html
>Of those, the following four seem to be the most important:
>Donoghue, M.J. and P.D. Cantino. 1984. The logic and limitations of the
>outgroup substitution approach to cladistic analysis. Systematic Botany
>Farris, J.S. 1982. Outgroups and parsimony. Systematic Zoology 31:328-334.
>Stevens, P.F. 1980. Evolution of polarity of character states. Annual
>Review of Ecology of Systematics 11:333-358.
>Watrous, L.E. and Q.E. Wheeler. 1981. The out-group comparison method of
>character analysis. Systematic Zoology 30:1-11.
>Stephen Carlson
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