Mangrove: funds for PhD on mudskippers

Gianluca Polgar polgar at ALFANET.IT
Sat Jun 5 00:26:22 CDT 2004

Dear all,

I'm looking for the possibility of making a PhD research on the ecology and
evolution of mudskippers (Teleostei: Gobiidae: Oxudercinae), which I'm
studying since 1993.
I've collaborated for a field study on mudskippers' ecology and sistematics
(and continue to do so), with Prof A. Sasekumar and with the staff of Prof.
Norma Rashid of the Universiti Malaya of Kuala Lumpur.
My idea was to study their molecular phylogeny working at the labs of Prof
L. Bullini in Rome, and to keep working on their evolutive ecology, going
on with the fieldwork in the Malaysian mangals (3 trips a year of a month
or so would be sufficient), collaborating with local laboratories.

I'm looking for funds to make this possible.

Have any of you got any suggestion?
Does anyone know any association, NGO, academy, institution or other
interested in mangrove ecology, biodiversity and conservation, or on
sistematic studies,  which may be interested in funding such a research for
3 years?

Gianluca Polgar

Dr Gianluca Polgar
c/o Prof. L. Bullini
Dep. of Genetics and Molec. Biol. "Charles Darwin"
Univ. La Sapienza
Roma, Italy

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