A question about species authors

E. Parmasto e.parmasto at ZBI.EE
Sat Jun 5 09:39:58 CDT 2004

Subject: Re: A question about species authors
Ron Gastrelle, 5 Jun 2004:
> snip
>  If Bill Gates wants to give me a few
> thousand tomorrow I promise that the next taxon I describe I'll either
> include him as co-author - or name it after him - his choice.
> Shabby?  In this day of funding being as hard to come by as hen's
> teeth, it is practical.   The bottom line is that the science needs to
> get done (including field excursions) and published.

If the main thing is to get the science done, why sell
only co-authorship and a taxon name? Why not
full authorship? First things first: science first, then
money, then nothing.
Erast Parmasto

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