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Mon Jun 7 03:05:31 CDT 2004

The Taxonomic Report publication schedule and volume availability has been

Volumes 1 and 2 are now only available on CD.  They are no longer available
in paper as they may be printed out directly from the web site's "Taxonomic
Report" section of the TILS home page.  (Vol. 3 & 4 only have first pages
accessable in that section.)

*Volume 4 (2003/04) is near completion with the final issue ( # 8) soon to
be published.

*Volume 5 (2004) will be the Yosemite Butterflies book (two parts).  This is
projected to be published late fall of 2004. ( Only obtainable from TILS so
reserve your copy - no advance or special discounts.)  Part one is text,
part two plates.  Extensive work dealing with all species and subspecies in
that region.  All 200+ taxa figured in color.

*Volume 6 (2004/05) already has two articles being processed. These two are
expected to be published late summer and fall of 2004.  It is possible the
first issues of Vol. 6 will be published before one or both parts of Vol. 5.

The "Photos" section of the TILS web site has had several more type
specimens recently added to that library.

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