More on the 'cladistics' of sequences

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"Well, not really" what.  Of course morphological data can be used the same way
as molecular data.  My point to John was that morphological data are no more
likely to yield a "correct" phylogeny than are any other type of data.  And, as
we all know, we can never know if we have the "correct" phylogeny or not.
Lamboy's simulations documented that even when the correct phylogeny is known,
maximum parsimony of the kinds of data matrices that most systematists generate,
is not very accurate (his word).



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> Well, not really. Morphological data can be used in the same way as
> molecular data to come up with testable, well supported hypotheses. Proof is
> that morphological results generally duplicate molecular results. See my:
> paper for how to estimate
> confidence intervals for morphologically based cladogram internodes.
> Accuracy is of course the big bugaboo but is a problem for molecular data,
> too.
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> Morphological data are especially difficult to
> evaluate and, in fact, are unlikely to provide "accurate" phylogenies (see
> Lamboy, 1994. Systematic Botany 19: 489-505). Yes, Lamboy's analyses were
> based on simulated data, but the data matrices generated were not unlike
> real morphological data matrices.
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