Boston Society of Natural History

John Grehan jgrehan at SCIENCEBUFF.ORG
Tue Jun 8 12:15:45 CDT 2004

As I am now up to my three a day limit from this address, I thought I
would contribute something else (although I liked Zander's bridge
metaphor) less upsetting. The article cited below gives a historical
perspective on the history for what is now the Boston Museum of Science,
from its early days in the 1800's to the development of major natural
history collections followed by the eventual de-accessioning of most of
the collections and other resources before becoming a science museum. I
found it interesting reading and others might find it of interest also.


Johnson, R.I. 2004. The rise and fall of the Boston Society of Natural
History. Northeastern Naturalist 11(1):81-108.


John Grehan



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