More on the 'cladistics' of sequences

David Orlovich david.orlovich at BOTANY.OTAGO.AC.NZ
Sat Jun 12 16:01:49 CDT 2004

On 11/06/2004, at 8:23 PM, B.J.Tindall wrote:

> In some of the literature I read I am seeing the term
> "monophyletic clade" with increasing frequency!!

Tell me about it. This morning I was going to reply to this and mention
that the last PhD thesis I marked, and the last paper I reviewed, both
did exactly that - but I thought "No, it's just a coincidence" and I
didn't bother writing.  However, this afternoon I am sitting here
reading yet another manuscript and I come across the same thing! So
"monophyletic clade" has popped up in the last three things I've read.


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