More on the 'cladistics' of sequences

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The definition of phenetics posted by Tindall (below) conforms to my
understanding and use of the term phenetics I posted on TAXACOM even
though such usage was problematic for other contributors.

John Grhan

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I do not want to take credit for a concept or definition which should be
credited to others. So for completeness the original definition of
(which seems to encompass theory, philosophy, and methodology) is:

Phenetics as originally applied, by Cain and Harrison (1960), refers to
"arrangement by overall similarity, based on all available characters
without any weighting ...since it employs all observable characters
(including of course genetic data when available)". 

Cain, A. J., Harrison, G.A. (1960) Phyletic weighting. Proceedings of
Zoological Society of London 131: 1-31
John Grehan

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