A botanist asks: type specimen for Homo sapiens?

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This question has been discussed several times. The following is copied and pasted from a contribution from 1995:

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Edward Cope (1840-1897) is not the "lectotype" of Homo sapiens Linnaeus, 1758, by subsequent designation by Psihoyos 1994; he was not part of Linnaeus's (1707-1778) type series.  Linnaeus himself was designated the lectotype by Stearn (1959:4).

Literature Cited
Psihoyos, L. (with Knoebber, J.).  1994.  Hunting dinosaurs.  Random House,
New York, 267 pp.
Stearn, W. T.  1959.  The background of Linnaeus's contributions to the nomenclature and methods of systematic biology.  Systematic Zoology, 8:4-22.

Earle Spamer
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As far as I remember the above discussion was not the first one on the topic.



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Hi, Matt, I remember this was a question some time ago in TAXACOM. It
would be best to use the famous picture of Linne as iconotypus.

On Wed, 16 Jun 2004, Matt Buys wrote:

> Hi
> Bill Bryson in his "Short history of everything" states that there is
> to date no type specimen for H. sapiens. Is this true?
> M.
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