A botanist asks: type specimen for Homo sapiens?

Ken Kinman kinman2 at YAHOO.COM
Wed Jun 16 20:38:16 CDT 2004

Robin wrote:
    Lotsa people have volunteered to be the holotype for Homo sapiens, but so far, the authorities have not designated a holotype.  Robin Leech
      My question to this whole thread would be this.  Who has the "authority" to designate a type specimen in this case?   Perhaps the ICZN as a group?  If Linnaeus was chosen, would we dig him up and place his bones into a museum collection?

     Seems to me that we have several billion extant specimens (not to mention billions more buried in cemeteries), so a type specimen is not really all that necessary.  If there is a species for which a type is not  needed, we are it!!!  Perhaps it is best left that way.
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