A botanist asks: type specimen for Homo sapiens?

Ken Kinman kinman2 at YAHOO.COM
Wed Jun 16 21:26:18 CDT 2004

Neal Evenhuis wrote:
     That aside, I'm still fond of Gary Rosenberg's posting- which makes all others in this thread moot.  If one decides to select a lectotype, then we can only select from the feral forms (Linnaeus did not list himself among them) ...
      But would we be forced to pick a lectotype?  Does the ICZN have the power to designate a NEOTYPE?

      And from a practical point of view, could they designate Bill Gates the neotype of Homo sapiens in exchange for $2 billion dollars donated to a special fund for biodiversity research?  If we are going to designate a type, we might as well get some major research funds in the process.  I'll even start the bidding at $500.
                ----- Ken Kinman

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