A zoologist asks: botanical names practice

Barry Roth barry_roth at YAHOO.COM
Thu Jun 17 10:35:33 CDT 2004

Implicit in Mary Barkworth's earlier reply is the fact that the latest revision may not be the best or the most intelligent one available.  Yet how is the manager of a large database, which includes a wide range of taxa, to judge which one is best?  She/he is not likely to have expertise in all the groups.  This argues for a query system that returns multiple taxonomic formulations, leaving it up to the end-user which one to choose.  If your average user -- equally lacking the expertise to evaulate a job of systematics -- chooses "most recent" by default, well, that's his/her responsibility.

Barry Roth

Paul van Rijckevorsel <dipteryx at FREELER.NL> wrote:
It seems to me that instead of adopting 'potential taxa', 'GUIDs', etc, many
of the objectives recently discussed here could be achieved by instituting,
as a good custom, the citation of the latest revision for every species
treated. [...]

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