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John Grehan wrote:

> As for the data matrix below, if characters 2 and 3 are represented as
> being absent in the outgroup. That's fine if that is actually the case.
> My contention is that the analysis of each character in the first place
> is what counts. If either character were represented in such a way as to
> overlook its presence in the outgroup (or other outgroups that should be
> brought into consideration) then they should not be there in the first
> place. The algorithm cannot do that for you. There are systematic
> studies, for example, that try to work out the relationships of the
> great apes by using gibbons as the sole outgroup, so claims are made
> about apomorphic characters that are not sustainable if monkeys are
> included.

Nothing is missing; a 0 represents the plesiomorphic state (thin enamel) and
a 1 represents the apomorphic state (thick enamel).


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