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Roderic Page wrote:

> Regarding the problem of authoritative lists of names, clearly our
> current lists have errors. These affect not only names, but
> classifications. By definition a classification is a tree, but the
> animal and plant classifications in ITIS are not trees (which is why
> the Glasgow Name Server only displays trees for names from NCBI). In
> the case of ITIS these errors are worrying because ITIS data are used
> in other databases, such as Species 2000, uBio, the Glasgow Name
> Server, and the SEEK project.
> I suspect the way forward is to adopt the tools and mindset of the Open
> Source software community. Have open databases of names that people can
> annotate (i.e., report "bugs"). The bugs themselves can be seen by (and
> commented on by) everybody. Hence, the error mentioned by Richard Petit
> (the type species of the genus Cancellaria being attributed to Pilsbry,
> 1940 instead of to Linnaeus, 1767) would be visible for all to see (and
> comment on).
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