More GBIF questions (was: ITIS)

Thomas G. Lammers lammers at VAXA.CIS.UWOSH.EDU
Thu Jun 24 14:55:10 CDT 2004

At 02:41 PM 6/24/04, Neal Evenhuis wrote:

>This does not mean we allow taxonomists to dictate the Code (Tom's
>"wagging the dog" bit above).

That's not what I meant.  Of course "taxonomists dictate the Code" -- they
created it and they are responsible for it.

My point was that it should not be modified for ad hoc purposes, for the
convenience of a single user-group, but rather on the basis of what is best
for science as a whole.  Modifying the Code to accommodate "informatics"
types is putting the cart before the horse: the informatics types should
modify THEIR procedures to bring them in line with what taxonomists do and
have done for years.

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