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Thanks David. I'm not going to track any more on this particular area
for now unless I have something of substance to add. No doubt I will at
some point.

Thanks to everyone for all the feedback. It's actually helpful, but to
understand what is going on in how others view a subject and even
perhaps get corrected on some things (or maybe I even manage to
stimulate some lateral thinking by others). No doubt the lack of clarity
rests in some cases with me. But it's just a discussion list so it's not
a worry (after all, even cladists sometimes don't agree with each other
on algorithms and sometimes even on definitions. It's like every subject


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> > ok I did. This is probably a consequence of my use of a PAUP program
> > from some years ago where there was a choice one could make for
> > including or exlcuing autapomorphies. I would not use them. Since no
> > one does then
> Hi John et al.,
> Excluding the autapomorphies doesn't change the tree topology anyway
> (since they always map on to the terminal branches).  You do this in
> PAUP just so the consistency index is calculated without them -
> otherwise the consistency index is inflated by characters that played
> no part in the calculation of the most parsimonious tree.
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