Nicrophorus Central update & server test

Derek Sikes dsikes at UCALGARY.CA
Fri Jun 25 10:35:13 CDT 2004

Dear Taxacomers,

I'm about to move and update my website "Nicrophorus Central" and
thought I'd solicit a little help.  I'd like to give the new server I'm
running it on some work to do - i.e. serve webpages to various folks,
to see how stable it is.

Also, because I'm about to make major changes to this site (which
hasn't been updated in a few years) I thought I'd ask for any ideas /
suggestions to improve the site.

The new (temporary) site address is:

For those who are unaware of this site - it's a portal to disseminate
information on the beetle subfamily Nicrophorinae (family Silphidae -
the carrion beetles). It has a literature database (needing to be
updated), a dynamic taxonomic catalog with images of type specimens, a
dynamic identification key, and various other elements, such as a
worker directory and bulletin board.

So even if you have no interest in beetles, and don't want to suggest
improvement ideas, you can still be a great help by simply clicking
that link to load the home page - if hundreds of you do it
simultaneously I can get a good idea of whether this server setup is



PS if you try to load the home page and it doesn't load that probably
means the server crashed!

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