Revisit of "Life of CDs"

Robin Leech releech at TELUSPLANET.NET
Mon Jun 28 07:25:17 CDT 2004

Hello Fellow Taxacomers,

In today's (28 June 04)Edmonton Journal (Edmonton, Alberta), 
there is an article in the Technology Section that confirms what
was being said on TAXACOM about CDs for storage of scientific 

"CDs aren't forever, so start duplicating."

"Many older CDs can no longer be read; victimes of poor
handling, moisture and age. New storage systems are better,
but nothing beats paper."

Three of the 14 CD-ROM and DVD tips are are these:
1.  Make double CD copies of important data and store in
different places.
2.  Make a new CD copy ever five years.
3.  Buy "Fresh" CD-ROMs, as they have been exposed to
air for less time.

Robin Leech

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