The end of the line for taxonomists - or is it?

Eugene Hall Eugene.Hall at COLORADO.EDU
Tue Jun 29 12:17:11 CDT 2004


I looked at New Scientist online and he may be referring to the article titled:

A gadget that identifies any species in an instant could transform the way
we see life on earth p.32


>For the poor souls in America who have to wait a few more days before
>we see this issue and especially those on more distant continents, etc.,
>PLEASE give us more of a clue, like at least a title or even an
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> >>> Paul Kirk <p.kirk at CABI.ORG> 06/25/04 05:31AM >>>
>See New Scientist, 26th June, pp. 32-35 (and place your order for a
>Have a good weekend ;-)
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