Research Entomologist = Hymenoptera at Systematic Entomology Lab., USDA

christian thompson cthompson at SEL.BARC.USDA.GOV
Wed Jun 30 15:38:25 CDT 2004

The Systematic Entomology Laboratory has an opening for a Research
Entomologist to do systematic work on Hymenoptera. Salary from $60,638
to $93,742 (GS-12/13) depending on education, experience, etc.

The duties are:
Incumbent is responsible for conducting studies that will characterize
agriculturally important wasps, ants, and bees and related taxa by
analyzing the
molecular, morphology, biology, and behavior and life history necessary
describe, identify, and relate the species to one another. Principle
are to describe immature and adult stages of Hymenoptera, diagnose
analyze molecular and morphological characters to classify them into
phylogenetically coherent taxonomic groups, and interpret the
significance of
these patterns when juxtaposed with other eco-evolutionary data (e.g.
host or
biogeographic relationships). Incumbent will collaborate with other
scientists on
the design and application of systematic techniques to research
problems in the
Hymenoptera and publish research results in peer-reviewed journals.

The job is at the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian
Institution, Washington, DC.

and is restricted to US qualified (read PhD) Citizens

Full position announcement can be found at:

Vacancy Announcement Number: ARS-X4E-0278

Also the announcement is at:

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