University of Iowa Herbarium in Crisis

Diana Horton diana-horton at UIOWA.EDU
Mon Mar 1 17:43:16 CST 2004

Yesterday, our attorney sent a Cease and Desist letter to the Office of the
University Counsel at Iowa State University, respectfully requesting that
Iowa State University and its employees cease and desist from moving
forward with either the packing or the removal of any Herbarium specimens.

- At 4 PM this afternoon, four people from Iowa State University, including
Director Lynn Clark and Curator Deb Lewis, arrived at the University of
Iowa Herbarium accompanied by University of Iowa Department of Biological
Sciences Chair Jack Lilien, and three other Department of Biological
Sciences faculty, Joseph Frankel, Gary Gussin and John Meninger.

- When I informed Chair Lilien and Dr. Clark that, as Curator, I did not
give them permission to access the Herbarium, Chair Lilien responded that
he was giving the Iowa State people access.  I explained to them that by
accessing the Herbarium over my objections, they are violating standard
Herbarium and Museum regulations.  Chair Lilien said that he was giving
them permission to pack the collection.

- We have learned just now that the Iowa State people intend to work
through the night and to transport the collections to Iowa State in the
morning.  Earlier, Dr. Clark told me that the collection would be packed
beginning today, March 1st and transported to Iowa State beginning March 15th.

- Just a few moments ago, Phillip Jones, the Vice President for Student
Services, and Marcus Mills, Senior Associate Counsel for the University of
Iowa 'joined the crowd' of University of Iowa Adminstrators, and Charles
Green, Director of Campus Security also is here.

Diana Horton
Director and Curator, University of Iowa Herbarium
Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
312 CB
University of Iowa
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