Grinnell's House Sparrows

Kevin Winker ffksw at UAF.EDU
Wed Mar 3 11:22:18 CST 2004

Grinnell may have been stimulated by Hermon Bumpus's work in the same species.
I don't know whether any of Bumpus's birds were preserved, however, and I
haven't read either paper.

Grinnell's foresight is now a fairly common attribute in planning the growth
of bird collections, although it has expanded to encompass the many aspects of
change that bird specimens can enable us to understand retrospectively (e.g.,
evolutionary and environmental).

Bumpus, H. C. (1899). "The elimination of the unfit as illustrated by the
introduced sparrow, Passer domesticus." Biol. Lectures, Marine Biol. Lab.,
Woods Hole : 209-226.

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