Understanding evolution problems

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Yes, and many of the best taxonomists/systematists only pay lip service to


At 10:35 AM 3/4/2004 -0700, Mary Barkworth wrote:
>And taxonomists do not ignore the findings of phylogeneticists, but I am
>not ready to buy that systematics = phylogenetics, one reason being that
>it narrows the interpretation of systemtics, unacceptably narrows it in
>my opinion.
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>Nice point, but "our discipline"? "Systematics" is now phylogenetics and
>application to classification. The best phylogeneticists are also good
>taxonomists, but Lammers' point remains valid.
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> >I wonder what an alternative Web site presenting the same topics as the
> >Berkeley site might look like?
>As a bare minimum, it would be intellectually honest and admit that not
>everyone in the systematics community has sworn allegiance to the idea
>Paraphyly Is Anathema.  I really really resent people who act as though
>discipline has reached a concensus on this point and present our
>that way to the outside world.  That is rank dishonesty.

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