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christian thompson cthompson at SEL.BARC.USDA.GOV
Wed Mar 10 13:03:56 CST 2004

We are pleased to announce a major expansion of the BioSystematic
Database of World Diptera. We have just uploaded version 6.1 of the
Nomenclator and 3.0 of the Reference database. Go to:

The Nomenclator now contains the basic information on 198,773 fly
names, and the Reference database has 11,868 citations.

While some fossil names are included and a few non-Diptera names, which
once were applied to flies, the majority of names related to extant
flies of 151 families, 10,793 genera and 144, 383 species. See our
status table:

We have almost completed phase One, the capture of all names from
secondary sources, such as the regional Diptera catalogs and the
Zoological Record. Only some names of Bombyliidae and Sarcophagide and
from 2003 Zoological Record need to be added.

We hope to have another version online by June, completing phase One.
Then the challenges will be the completion of the Reference database,
building the Species Interface and put online our tool set.

Also, the names information now is being distributed to specialists
world-wide for review and revision. More than 60 international
specialists are now working with us. See

So, if you want to check fly names, or know a little about flies, visit
our Diptera WWW site. or

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