Question about authorship of new names in zoology

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One of the unusual cases I saw as an editor was a three-authored paper describing a new genus and species.  Authorship of the species was attributed to all three authors, but authorship of the genus (an exactly co-extensive taxon, because the genus was monotypic) was attributed to only two of the authors.  I guess the implication was that author #3 accepted the "new"-ness of the species but didn't believe a new genus was warranted.  The paper failed to pass muster for other reasons.

Barry Roth

Robin Leech <releech at TELUSPLANET.NET> wrote:

Yes, it is. As an associate editor for Can. Ent., I have seen
this on several occasions. However, there must be a
statement in the Introduction or Materials and Methods
that states who the author(s) is(are) for the species.
Thus the paper can be by Jones, Smith and Thompson,
but the species' authors are Jones and Smith.
Robin Leech

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Subject: Question about authorship of new names in zoology

> Dear Taxacomers,
> I have the following question: is it possible, in zoological
> nomenclature, to publish a taxonomic paper with, for example, three
> authors, and to publish a new species name in that article with only one
> or two author names?

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