Cladomaleosauria (was: Understanding evolution problems)

Ken Kinman kinman2 at YAHOO.COM
Tue Mar 16 10:28:49 CST 2004

     Well, I was talking about "strict cladists", not the wider group of systematists who use cladistic analysis (of which I am myself a member).  But if you want some hard evidence of what I am talking about, I would suggest looking at the last version of the PhyloCode (Sept. 2003).  Note that both primary authors are male (100%) and of the 26 members of the Advisory Group, 25 are males (over 96%).
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At 20:08 2004-03-08, Ken Kinman wrote:
>(ever notice that most are male?)
As a matter of fact, no. I'd like to see some evidence that the M/F ratio among cladists is significantly different from that of systematists as a whole.
Curtis Clark

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