Mis-Understanding Evolution (Cladomaleosauria)

Ken Kinman kinman2 at YAHOO.COM
Tue Mar 16 17:18:54 CST 2004

      Mother-daughter groups are a more accurate (applicable) biological "metaphor" than are sister-sister groups.  The sister group "convention" is a methodology that works well because extinction has made drawing lines (including bifurcating ones) easier, and it's useful as long as the convention is not abused (and forbidding all paraphyletic taxa is an abuse).  No wonder so many eclecticists make it a policy to simply not argue with "cladists", but NOT arguing with them has gotten us into the fix we are in today (Phylocode will soon be a reality, and it codifies and extends the abuses of strict cladism).  I have no more time to argue today, but try reading my post ("sister groups do not exist") to the Dinosaur Mailing List in June 2000:


             --------- Ken Kinman

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