BioSystematic Database of World Diptera => up-dated

Don.Colless at CSIRO.AU Don.Colless at CSIRO.AU
Wed Mar 17 21:00:08 CST 2004

We are pleased to announce a major expansion of the BioSystematic
Database of World Diptera. We have just uploaded version 6.1 of the
Nomenclator and 3.0 of the Reference database. Go to:

The Nomenclator now contains the basic information on 198,773 fly
names, and the Reference database has 11,868 citations.

Dear Chris,

Congratulations on the progress. I hope I live to see something like the end.
This is the sort of hard grind that gets far too few bouquets (as distinct from the facile production of local catalogues as a substitute for hard work). May I remind you of Samuel Johnson's wry definition in his seminal Dictionary of the English Language: Lexicographer - a harmless drudge. 



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