Cladomaleosauria (was: Understanding evolution problems)

Curtis Clark jcclark at CSUPOMONA.EDU
Wed Mar 17 09:05:14 CST 2004

At 08:21 2004-03-17, pierre deleporte wrote:
>One problem is that, in your personal jargon, "strict cladists" is used to
>qualify both phylocoders and proponents of strict monophyly.

I still think that it is ironic that it was Ken who pointed me to the
article that turned me against Phylocode, by Norm Platnick. He argues
strongly for strict monophyly; in fact, his arguments against Phylocode
only make sense if one rejects paraphyletic groups.

(Btw, I self-identify as a male, and AFAIK my karyotype supports it. :-)

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