"Neodiptera" (a clade?)

Ken Kinman kinman2 at YAHOO.COM
Fri Mar 19 11:58:19 CST 2004

Dear All,
      The most inclusive major clade that has been proposed within the flies is Neodiptera (by Verner Michelsen, 1996).  However, I haven't seen it discussed much, even when the paper is cited in the references.  Except for this citation, the Diptera page at the Tree of Life website doesn't mention Neodiptera or reflect it in the cladograms (Psychodomorphs are still shown as a clade).
      This makes me wonder if Neodiptera is a controversial hypothesis?  If Michelsen is correct, then it seems best to disband Psychodomorpha (and that is reflected in my preliminary coding, splitting it into three different clades).  Also note that I placed Family Tipulidae in the middle of the Nematocera (not at the base, nor next to Brachycera as has also been suggested).  If Michelsen is wrong then I will need to do some recoding, but I haven't seen enough said about the Neodiptera hypothesis to tell if dipterists favor it or not.
     Anyway, the clade Neodiptera is reflected in my classification (as Nematocera clade 6+, thus including all brachycerans as well), and here is the Nematocera part of the classification I posted previously for your convenience:

  1  Nematocera% (primitive flies)
          1  Tanyderidae
          B  Ptychopteridae
          2  Thaumaleidae
          b  Simuliidae
          c  Ceratopogonidae
          d  Chironomidae
          B  Dixidae
          C  Corethrellidae
          D  Chaoboridae
          E  Culicidae
          3  Nymphomyiidae
          B  Deuterophlebiidae
          C  Blephariceridae
          4  Tipulidae (sensu lato)
          5  Psychodidae
          ?  Axymyiidae
          6  Perissommatidae
          7  Pachyneuridae
          B  Bibionidae
          C  Mycetophilidae
          D  Cecidomyiidae
          ?  Rangomaramidae
          E  Sciaridae
          8  Anisopodidae
          9  {{Brachycera}}
              (= Orthorrhapa + Cyclorrhapa)

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