Andrena bees (request for assistance)

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There is a bee man in Saskatchewan - at least the last time I heard
about him he was there.
His name is Ken Richards.  BSc and MSc at the U of Alberta,
and PhD at the U of Kansas, if I remember correctly.
If you cannot find him, let me know, and I will shake the local
trees for information.
Ken works (has worked) on the biology of leaf cutters, but I
think he has a strong bent in taxonomy, too.
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Subject: Andrena bees (request for assistance)

> Dear TAXACOMers,
> I am embarking on a three-year, NSF-funded project to reconstruct a
> global phylogeny of the bee genus Andrena, and I would like to
> solicit any help that the taxonomic community is willing to offer.
> If you collect any Andrena bees this year that you are willing to
> contribute to the project, I would greatly appreciate your sending
> them to me.  I can send you shipping labels that will cover the costs
> of postage, as well as USDA labels for importation from countries
> other than the US.
> Bees killed in cyanide and stored in ethanol are best for DNA
> extraction, although I have gotten decent DNA from pinned specimens
> that were fairly fresh (up to 6 months old).
> If you would like me to send you a list of species and collection
> localities in your area of North America, I'd be happy to.
> Unfortunately I do not yet have such lists for palearctic areas.
> Thank you in advance for your assistance.
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