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NSF 04-567 [ <> ]

The U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) - Directorate for Biological
Sciences inaugurated four years ago a special program titled "Research
Coordination Networks in Biological Sciences" to promote cooperative
networking activities that will advance a scientific field. In the first
competition, all three proposals to the Systematic Biology Program were
awarded, for continuation of the DEEP GREEN activity as "Deep Gene" with
Brent Mishler heading that consortium; for integrating paleo- and
neontological plant researchers studying "Deep Time" with Douglas and Pamela
Soltis, David Dilcher, and Patrick Herendeen heading that consortium; and
for constructing a framework phylogeny for fungi or "Deep Hypha" with
Meredith Blackwell, John Taylor, and Joey Spatafora heading up that network
(which resulted in successful funding for the "fungal branch" in NSF's
Assembling the Tree of Life activity).
        A list of all the active RCN grants, with links to the public NSF
abstracts, is maintained on the NSF website:
<> , and will give an
indication of the range and scope of funded activities.
        The fifth and final (under the current announcement, anyway) RCN
competition starts this year, with a proposal deadline of June 25 (Friday)
for submission to NSF via the electronic FastLane system, from U.S. eligible
institutions. There are plenty of "deep branches" yet to attract a dedicated
band of cooperative researchers, and surely lots of other topics that should
nucleate groups of systematists and their colleagues (electronic
monography?; morphobanks?; phylogenetic ecology?). The RCN mechanism
supports those groups of U.S. researchers and their foreign colleagues who
seek together to advance a field of science; take advantage:
<> .

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