The decline of Invertebrate Zoology

Ken Kinman kinman2 at YAHOO.COM
Wed Mar 31 22:57:01 CST 2004

Fred wrote:
* I hadn't heard that there was much difference between marine biology and invertebrate zoology.
     Well, I assume there is a big difference in the amount of research funding available.  Since humans are vertebrates, there is definitely a skewed interest in other vertebrates no matter what habitat one may be looking at.  I would imagine that marine vertebrates (whales, dolphins, marine Carnivora, seabirds, sharks, and fish in general) have always gotten an inordinate amount of attention compared to marine invertebrates.
     But if Texas A & M wants to cut the number of hours required (in order to save money), I would think they should cut back on non-biological electives (NOT Invertebrate Zoology).  The fact that even the students are complaining should make this a "no-brainer".  If you must cut hours, cut something else beside an important biology course.  What were they thinking?
             ----- Ken

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