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Mon Nov 1 05:29:58 CST 2004

Ken, thanks a lot!

You wrote:
>Instead of "is to be", this should read "has been" referred to the ICZN.
This case was referred to the ICZN in December 2003 (Case No. 3291). The proposal
is that the beetle taxon Dromiina be emended to "Dromieina" to solve this
homonym problem. This seems the best thing to do, since the crustacean taxon
Dromiidae is used a lot more (and is even the nominal type of an entire
Superfamily of crustaceans).
----- Ken<

Probably, a similar proposal will be (or already was??) desirable for the
other homonymy which I already mentioned on this listserve, a couple of months

Ctenodactylinae Castelnau, 1834 (sometimes ranked at tribal level with ending
-ini only) in Insecta Coleoptera Carabidae, based on the genus Ctenodactyla
Dejean, 1825 is a homonym of Ctenodactylidae Gervais, 1853 based on the genus
Ctenodactylus Gray, 1830.
The junior homonym seems to be a well-known name in Mammalia Rodentia, at the
higher family level, so I guess it's also used a lot more than the name in
carabid beetles.

Wolfgang Lorenz, Tutzing, Germany

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