Cytinales (Rafflesiales split)

Peter Stevens peter.stevens at MOBOT.ORG
Sat Nov 6 12:04:43 CST 2004

>Actually, if you had looked at APG II (Bot. J. Linn. Soc., in 2003),
>you would have found Apodanthaceae resuscitated (unplaced at end),
>not that APG would claim omniscience.  Cytinaceae were placed in
>Malvales on two weeks ago
>(but there is clearly much more sampling to do), and maps for all
>are following today...

And, speaking of Malvales, there are very interesting developments in
the Dipterocarp area, with ectomycorrhizae  being found in more and
more taxa, and some thought-provoking relationships being suggested
(see Ducoussu et al. in Molec. Ecol. 13: 231).


>  The Dear All,
>       In my last classification of angiosperms (posted here back in
>February 2004), I place Order Rafflesiales next to Order Malvales
>(but excluding the odd-man out, Family Mitrostemonaceae, which is
>related to the ericalean grouping, and that placement still seems to
>be holding up).  However, a paper published two weeks ago by
>Nickrent et al., 2004 (BMC Evolutionary Biology, Vol. 4:40) has
>confirmed that Family Rafflesiaceae is related to the malpighian
>grouping, and I am thus now tentatively including that family in
>Order Hypericales.
>       That leaves two families (Cytinaceae and Apodanthaceae)
>closely related to Order Malvales, and luckily there is an ordinal
>name available for it (Cytinales).  Thus Rafflesiales (sensu
>stricto; 1 family only) is tentatively sunk into Hypericales, and
>Order Cytinales is revived from synonymy.  Whether Cytinales is a
>sister group to Malvales or is a subclade of Malvales remains to be
>seen.  In any case, the APG's (Angiosperm Phylogeny Group's) 1998
>sinking of Apodanthaceae into Rafflesiaceae is best ignored.  I
>would urge NCBI to remove genus Pilostyles from Rafflesiaceae (and
>place it in the distinct Family Apodanthaceae), since this appears
>to be another case where the APG got carried away with lumping.  As
>a lumper myself, I understand the APG strategy, but they just seem
>to have gotten carried away in a few instances.
>            ----- Sincerely,
>                        Ken Kinman

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