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Might be a bit of an non-neighbourly argy-bargy starting up:

Scientist Rejects Flores Hobbit Claim:

And "as a matter of ethics, the scientists from the two countries should
announced the find together"

 Indonesian Scientist Says Hominid Not New Species:


Is Professor Teuku Jacob a Muslim?   If so he is very likely a creationist
and other species of Homo are not permitted.  Or, he knows the state that
employs him will not permit other people being on the planet.

I am also a creationist in my own meaning of that term.  I found the
scientific "discovery" of other humanoids co occurring with modern man old
news because the co occurrence is stated in Genesis.  I've taught and
written on that for decades because Genesis says it is so.   Genesis has
been heavily doctrinalized and then that dogmatized by some
fundamentalists - that's the problem with the strict creationists.  In turn,
the strict evolutionists refuse to consider anything of relevance to
"origins" from the primitive statements of Genesis.  So I remain operative
in both circles and mostly ignored by both.

I look forward to good solid proof of co-occurring huminoids - it will
confirm scripture.

Ron Gatrelle

Ron Gatrelle

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