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on 2004-11-07 22:36 Ron Gatrelle wrote:
> Is Professor Teuku Jacob a Muslim?   If so he is very likely a creationist
> and other species of Homo are not permitted.

I had wondered the same thing.

> I am also a creationist in my own meaning of that term.  I found the
> scientific "discovery" of other humanoids co occurring with modern man old
> news because the co occurrence is stated in Genesis.  I've taught and
> written on that for decades because Genesis says it is so.   Genesis has
> been heavily doctrinalized and then that dogmatized by some
> fundamentalists - that's the problem with the strict creationists.  In turn,
> the strict evolutionists refuse to consider anything of relevance to
> "origins" from the primitive statements of Genesis.

Genesis is only one example of accounts of other hominid species
retreating into mythology. Tom Lammers alluded to others; certainly
European pagan traditions are filled with elves, kobolds, trolls, and
such. Considering that we've spent most of our existence as a species in
a world that contained others similar to us, it would be remarkable if
no traces of that persisted in culture, either by oral transmission or
simply as a manifestation of the "don't waste your gametes on *that*" gene.

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