paraphyly and polyphyly

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I think the paper Tom Lammers is remembering was one written by George
Estabrook on the idea of "convex phenetics."
See Syst. Zool. 35: 560-570.  I also think it has merit.



"Thomas G. Lammers" wrote:

> At 01:17 PM 11/10/2004, Derek Sikes wrote:
> >I'm preparing to teach an introductory course in systematics and would
> >like to hear back on the following issue:
> It sounds to me as though you have a pretty good grasp on the subject.
> :-)
> I've often thought that a lot of the confusion stems from the idea that
> paraphyly is A Bad Thing rather than The Natural Order of Things, i.e., the
> pattern evolution most often creates.
> I recall a paper a number of years back that attempted to address some of
> these practical and philosophical concerns but describing groups as
> "convex" or "concave."  It didn't catch on, but I always thought there was
> some merit to the author's ideas.
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