follow up on paraphyly / polyphyly

SKÁLA Zdeněk skala at INCOMA.CZ
Thu Nov 11 10:56:02 CST 2004

Michael Schmitt wrote:

> Thus, the primary question is, in my view, whether or not we aim at a
> strictly phylogenetic (Hennigian) system. In case of yes, things are clear,
> in case of no, the "problems" are irrelevant.

In my view, this is a pretty ideological posting. The discussion and solving of "problems" should come first and THEN we can decide about our adherence to Hennigian (or any other) system. In a case we will first decide about our belief in a particular taxonomic school and only then discuss the relevance of the "problems" we are losing the scientific background. Indeed, labelling the methodology as 'strictly phylogenetic' etc. is a pure marketing only.

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