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Stuart Fullerton stuartf at PEGASUS.CC.UCF.EDU
Fri Nov 12 06:11:15 CST 2004

dear folks: sticking my head up from the recent hurricane rubble and
glad we did not hang our chad out to dry this year, can any of you make
any suggestions to dave in westfield.  you may wish to answer him direct
at:  David A Lovejoy <dlovejoy at>, but i for one would
like to read your answers on monday when i am again at this machine for
the digest.

cheers! and thanks.   and ignore the "stu"   after,    38 +- years of
association he has forgotten that i can not stand that. :) :) :)

David Lovejoy wrote:

> Stu:  WSC has acquired an insect collection from
> the WisteriahurstMuseum in Holyoke made by Charles Barr in the 1940s
> and earlier largely in the College ParkMaryland area.  Donít know how
> it ended up here.  Much of it had to be tossed ? badly chewed up by
> insects or whatever because of improper storage, but there are still
> hundreds of tiny specimens folded into little envelopes (with data)
> many of which may be ok.   Also some notebooks.  Iím wondering if
> there might be a good way to find out anything about this collector or
> if some place (U Maryland, perhaps) might want this stuff.  Any
> suggestions welcome.   DAL
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