Pierre Bonnet's Petition to the Commision, and Commission Decision?

Robin Leech releech at TELUSPLANET.NET
Fri Nov 12 09:05:37 CST 2004

Fellow Taxacomers,

I need some information, please.  Does anyone know when
Pierre Bonnet, author of Bibliographia Araneorum, sent in his
Petition to the Commision to have the names in Charles
Clerck's Aranei Svecici (Svenska Spindlar), published in 1757,
be used in preference to those in Linnaeus's Systema Naturae,
published in 1758?

A glance in Volume I of Bibliographia Araneorum, which was
published in 1945, but probably written about 1940, shows that
Bonnet (pages 28, 99-102) was actively checking on the Clerck
names.  I suspect, therefore, that it was most probably in the
late 1940s, perhaps 1949.

Next, when did the Commission render its decision?

I have the ICZN of 1964, and there is no reference to Clerck.
I have the ICZN of 1985, and it states on page 7 that the names
in Aranei Svecici by Clerck have priority over those in Systema
Naturae by Linnaeus, and that the date of publication for Clerck's
work stands as 1758.

This tells me that the decision was rendered between 1965 and
1984 or so, a 20 year period.

Robin Leech

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