Whooper; Canadian geese split; paraphyly.

Pape, Thomas Tpape at ZMUC.KU.DK
Wed Nov 17 09:10:32 CST 2004

> -----thus rendering B. canadensis paraphyletic.
>  Does this mean strict cladists will insist that the nene goose
>  be reduced to subspecies status??

Ken: Strict cladists are concerned with clades, and rank is a human construct.

Paraphyly is comparable to insufficient knowledge and it is challenging mainly for this reason. As we just heard from Laurent Raty, the Barnacle Goose appears to make the unsplit Canada Goose twice paraphyletic. Again, our growing insight into the process of evolution stems from the definition of clades and the branching pattern they form.

Thomas Pape
Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen

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