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Barry Roth barry_roth at YAHOO.COM
Thu Nov 18 10:32:00 CST 2004

No less of a personage than Willi Hennig recognized this difference between
"tokogenetic" and "phylogenetic" processes.

Barry Roth

--- "Thomas G. Lammers" <lammers at UWOSH.EDU> wrote:

> At 10:16 AM 11/18/2004, Curtis Clark wrote:
> >My other post makes it clearer, but basically the idea is this.
> >Phylogenies are built of species. As one approaches the species level,
> >the tools of phylogenetic reconstruction become less and less useful,
> >until at some point "you're not in phylogeny any more".
> Well, that's pretty much my original point!  Cladistic methods at those
> levels seem inappropriate BECAUSE they are divorced from the reality they
> purport to reflect.  When someone can construct an algorithm to accommodate
> that, it will be a major breakthrough.

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